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An Open to Vladimir Putin, He Who Would Restore the Insanity of Stalin’s Soviet Union, from the Baltic Nations

May 19, 2015

Dear Mr. Putin,

It is unfortunate that such a great country as Russia has such a pathetic leader as you.  At heart you are a coward.  You are afraid of your own people and how, if given the chance to chart their own course, they might throw you out on your greedy, vindictive and megalomaniacal posterior.

We in the Baltics, the great nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are not afraid of the likes of you.  We stared down much more powerful dictators and won.  We will reject your simpering attempts to cow us.  We will reject your impotent economic threats.  We will reject your lies and fabrications.  We reject you and all you stand for.

Submitted respectfully,

We of the Singing Revolution,

The Republic of Estonia

The Republic of Latvia

The Republic of Lithuania

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