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Benghazi Must Remain Top Priority for Congress

May 24, 2013

Administrations always have the advantage of timing. What is a floundering Administration to do when confronted with the possibility of damning whistleblower testimony and the inevitable follow-up? Not much unless you can divert attention to another, even more pressing, issue. Enter the IRS targeting revelations which were pre-coordinated to be released by the acting IRS commissioner and other IRS officials through a planted question from a member of the tax bar.

The Treasury Inspector General had completed its audit into the matter in September of 2012 — Clearly the initial reason for the delay was to protect the current president’s vulnerable campaign, but why the Lerner staged apology May 9 and the IG report release May 15 when even the IG said it would get the report to Congress by March? On May 8, the Benghazi whistleblowers testified under oath to the House. Try as they might, the bought-and-paid-for media and faux objective blogs like Media Matters would not be able to blunt the impact of passionate testimony such as Greg Hicks’s “my jaw dropped” when he heard the Administration blame a pathetic youtube video and spontaneous demonstration. So why not pull the trigger on the IRS targeting scandal that waiting in the wings for the right moment? To paraphrase a former advisor to the current executive — never let a good scandal go to waste. The idea being that the public will begin to think that Congress and Republicans generally see scandals behind every bush at 1600 Pennsylvania and Benghazi will fade from the public eye.

Congress must not let this happen. It is one thing to abuse power and instruct the IRS to conduct enemy-list audits, it is quite another to diminish and ignore the likes of Al Qaeda and their devotees. The Boston Marathon bombing and the Woolwich beheading spell that out in red, red blood. I leave you with this site discussing the same and linking to an effective Heritage Foundation video on Benghazi:

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