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The Suffering and Frustration That Is Benghazi

May 14, 2013

Mothers pass Mother’s Day for the first time without their brave sons.  Fathers this Father’s Day will have same heart-break all over again.  Bravery in the sight of a vicious and hateful foe.  If we never learn the complete truth at least we know this one:  Americans stood their ground and with their dying breaths gave undying testimony to the freedom of America. 

A recently submitted letter to the editor of the Washington Times sums up the frustration quite well.  I reproduce it here in full:

Eight months have passed, and three central questions were asked — and they  remain unanswered. Why were requests for more security at the facility ignored?  Why were the American people told that the attack was caused by an Internet video, despite agreement by the CIA, the State Department and those on the  ground in Libya that a terrorist attack took place?  When will the killers of four Americans be brought to justice?

Perhaps the most important question for those who suffer is the last.

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