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Blog Changes — From Knights to Pelinore

February 26, 2013

We are becoming Pelinore. 

The Knights are still a part of this blog, but the name will change with the change of the good Governor’s career path and the diminishment of vile attacks upon her.   Our motto is the same, which is to attack all forms of misogyny, but our name should change to reflect a broader vision.  Pelinore, the Knight King of Arthur’s roundtable, is a suitable replacement as it retains our connection to chivalry (which we view as the equivalent of defending woman) but bespeaks a larger interest and role in that odd field known as the minor leagues of conservative blogging.  That may be a class of one, but we are proud to occupy that field as the champion of chivalry and conservatism. 

Why Pelinore?  When this blog was formed, the other reknowned names of the Round Table were already taken, e.g., Galahad, Lancelot.  Pelinore is a legendary figure who bests King Arthur at the tournament and even breaks Excalibur.  He is wizened with age.  He is a King in his own right and one of great battle prowess.  His decision to become a Knight of Arthur and submit to Arthur’s kingship shows his humility and willingness to put aside his pride for the good of his country.  That is all we seek to do here — protect the fairest lady in the land, our America.

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