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How Barack Obama Could Have Won This Election

November 6, 2012

In the spirit of Joe Biden:  “Four letters — S A N D Y.”

Imagine a different scenario in which the President did not immediately return to campaigning after his tour of the ravaged areas and his Christie-hug moment.  Imagine a President who said something like this:  “This country is more important than a particular election.  People are hurting all over the North East and in desperate need of help.  As commander in chief I am directing the military to provide immediate and overwhelming assistance to those affected.”  Then imagine Obama actually spending some time in a command HQ having his top brass etc. carry out these orders.

Now that action would have had the potential to change many peoples’ views about him.

But that is an alternate reality in which the President cares about the North East more than just a given Blue swath of states for his re-election.  A reality where he took his job to heart even to the point of possibly risking his re-election. A reality where he, not Mitt Romney, was the happy warrior, confident in the successes of his tenure and in the future.  A reality in which he recognized that politics is the art of the possible, and where doing the right thing, even if common wisdom would say otherwise, may even be more beneficial than slavish loyalty to campaign rallies.

That is not our reality.

And so the President who could have pushed back the Romney-tide that is sure to wash over the nation tomorrow, will sit on his hands tomorrow evening watching the election results whilst the North East suffers and probably somewhat grudgingly votes for him again.

Let’s welcome a new direction.  Let’s welcome Mitt Romney as the next President.

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  1. Chris Christie for President permalink
    November 6, 2012 5:06 pm

    I know. If he had just pulled a Bush, everything would have been better, right?

  2. November 11, 2012 10:03 pm

    Mitt was a weak candidate.

    I love the TPM as is, including the fact that our strength is partly due to our number of clans and not us relying on one big national organization. But I’m beginning to believe we do in fact need a national leader.

    I believe there is only one that can unite the clans. Not ‘mini-me’. Not ‘fat-me’. Not ‘Hispanic-me.’ And certainly not the brother ‘shrub’.

    We need the apex predator. The Pitbull. The Barracudas Maximus. The original Momma Grizzly. The red meat eating Huntress who has demonstrated with her actions that corrupt politicians and their crony capitalists are her main prey.

    And then we win.
    United we stand.

    • November 15, 2012 1:54 pm

      Bill, your insight resonates mightily with me. Brother shrub is a non-starter. I think Mrs. Palin could have won the primary, and then we would at least have had the opportunity to put our best conservative to the test. While I think Gov. Romney is a man of integrity, he was not a strong conservative, and so we did not have any real test of conservatism, Ryan notwithstanding. . If only she would run for Senate, and then burnish her corruption-fighting credentials taking on the Administration — what a field day she would have.

      On the practical side, if we have a strong conservative candidate who is also of Latin descent, there is every reason to believe such a candidate would have an advantage with Latino voters and would not lose any advantage with other conservative voters.

      • bill589 permalink
        November 17, 2012 6:43 am

        The one time MR had political power, he governed ‘seriously’ progressive. Government healthcare – mandated. Anti-gun laws. Pro-government Cap and tax. Etc., etc., etc. He made government bigger, stronger, more expensive, and more intrusive.

        He may have learned to talk the TPM/conservative talk, but he never walked it.

        Yet SP praises his behavior, recently McCain behavior, and other non-TPM people, when they are right.

        Sarah Palin is a natural leader and uniter of people. Combine that with her record of successfully fighting corruption in government – both halves and their crony capitalist collaborators – and this is what scares her GOPe and Dem enemies so much.

        Research her if there is any doubt.

        SP being ‘polarizing’ is just another one of their many lies about her.
        The fact that she can unite a capable following – the clans of the TPM, and many disillusioned republicans – scares the crap out of the Permanent Political Class.

        Let’s create jobs for the suppliers of DC area adult diapers.

        United we stand.

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