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Truther 2.0 or Why This Stupid Adminstration Is Deadly Stupid

October 30, 2012

Truther 2.0 – September 11, 2012

The Benghazi attack and subsequent murder of the Ambassador was in fact coordinated between the attackers and certain U.S. operatives. The death of the other American stationed at the consulate was expected collateral damage. The deaths of the two former Seals were not planned as these men were not assigned to protect the Ambassador. They had a different mission. They too became collateral casualties, though unexpected ones. They had been told to stand down. The Ambassador was assigned to carry out certain tasks. The Ambassador’s situation had become precarious, and the belief that he would imminently leak vital information, detrimental to the U.S. or the Administration was the reason for the attack; the video was provided as a convenient surrogate motive and the Cairo mob attack was coordinated as necessary.

Thus the decision to remove the site security team located in Libya a little over a month before the attack, thus the window-dressing when State engaged an inadequate contractor to provide security for the consulate, thus the refusal to improve security despite repeated requests from the Ambassador and the Tripoli mission even on the day of the attack, thus the failure of the President to attend intelligence briefings in the days leading up to 9/11/12, thus the refusal to provide assistance to the besieged Americans during the course of the attack despite real-time information from drone surveillance, consulate cameras and direct communications from the Americans in the consulate and despite the proximity of adequate and overwhelming military assets, thus the President’s failure to convene the counterterrorism task force, thus the declaration by some Libyans to praise God because the Ambassador was still alive, thus the Administration’s initial narrative that a video-enraged mob carried out the attack, thus the embarrassing retractions and restatements when information was leaked about the nature of the attack, thus the bizarre behavior of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of State when meeting with the father of Ty Woods, thus the utter inaction in conducting forensic investigations of the consulate in the wake of the attack, thus the utter disinterest in detaining one of the reputed leaders ot the attack, thus the President’s decision now to deflect, defer and distract serious questions on the subject and voluntarily entertain such questions only from entertainers.

This Deadly Stupid Administration

Now that you can see a narrative which might support another silly truther movement, it is clear that this Administration’s incompetence is not only stupid but deadly. Respected pundits explain these actions as consistent with an Administration that needs to preserve the story of the success of the Arab Spring and this President’s role in bringing it about. Thus it did not want to take any actions contrary to that theory, and when events forced them to see the emptiness of that theory, they were paralyzed. Thus, the decision to reduce security and refuse requests for additional security were seen as inconsistent with a Libya which was growing more peaceful and responsible by the day. Thus, when our Americans were under attack by those same Libyans, the Administration was paralyzed and unable to act contrary to the theory. The youtube rationale which prompted the Cairo demonstrations was seen as a precious lifeline that could save the theory because that video was produced by an American national who had no connection to the Government and whose free speech could not (unfortunately) be restricted. In other words, so long as people believed the attacks were due to someone outside the power of the Government, the President’s foreign policy could still be seen as a success.

These are all plausible explanations, though they still leave serious questions which ask us to ignore our righteous indignation that a President could sit on his hands doing nothing and tell others to do nothing while our people were being murdered. Hot Air discusses here the statements by a former Pacific Fleet chief in which he raises with much more weight than this blog these and other important questions.

Whatever we learn, if we learn, one thing is true, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty acted as true Americans, rushing into danger without care for their own well-being, without concern for a theory, but with the very real life and blood of our fellow citizens.

(Credit:  Getty Images)

Update:  The American Catholic has a very good and detailed account of the bravery of these Navy Seals here:

Update:  Hot Air reports on a discussion between Vince Flynn, the talented spy novelist, and Hugh Hewitt.  Let’s just say that while Trutherism is hogwash, the motivation to find the truth is genuine among many Americans, and here with the way Flynn puts the story together it is tempting to think someone wanted the Ambassador out of the way.  How long has it been now and no real information on all the details?  How long can this failure of a President continue to say “what I knew and when I knew is still under investigation”?  Hey, if you believe he fried his short-term memory on weed and other substances maybe you can cut him some slack for not remembering his own life.

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