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Barack Obama’s Historic Wasted Opportunity

October 25, 2012

The last Presidential debate showed that few disagree the single most serious threat to our national security today is the nuclear ambition of Iran. Should the leaders of that country obtain their goal, Israel is exposed to devastation and the Middle East would be reshaped into a region generally hostile to the West with Iran at the head. But potentially other countries, including our own, would be subject to jihadist nuclear rage. Unless upon obtaining their dream the Iranian leaders somehow become responsible citizens of the world community, Iran is widely believed to be ready to share its weaponized material with various jihadist groups. Lacking any credible delivery system it is not clear how such weapons could be used by these groups, but their possession of such destructive power without any of the normal restraints against its use and with an appetite for suicide martyrdom is an unacceptable circumstance for our country and the entire free world which we lead. 

Enter the Green Revolution of 2009. Even the mullahs were worried about those historic demonstrations. This was not a small group of irritated students but a massive uprising of the young and educated.  This was an historic opportunity for freedom in that most-oppressive of nations.  The Iranian freedom fighters were our patriotic brothers and sisters because they sought the same thing our founding fathers did:  freedom from abusive and tryannical rule.  They raised their voices, risked their bodies, suffered and yet kept shouting out for freedom, freedom, freedom.  That shout carried to our shores and should have been met with a robust masculine embrace and cry that we stand with you brothers and sisters.  And that cry should have been backed by resources through covert supply lines, with the booming Voice of America, with calls for an emergency meeting in the United Nations.  This was our chance to solve the problem of oppression and the looming problem of a nuclear, irresponsible Iran.  And what happened?  A silence that will echo for years.  Silence from the man who was supposed to be the one.  Silence and hesitation from the man who moved millions with all over the world with his powerful words and the wonder of his candidacy and success.  And now we are faced with the nigh impossible task of persuading a country to quit that which it deems its right.  Your silence Mr. Obama.  What will it become?

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