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Surprises and a Wearied Electorate UPDATE: Trump’s Non-Surprise Surprise

October 24, 2012

Alternative Title:  The Clash of the Hairdos

Now it appears that there may be competing October surprises.  From the left, at 71 years, standing at 5 foot something, frosted hair, and trademark red couture, Gloria Allred.  On the right, at 66 years, a towering 6′ 3″, faux comb-over and crisp business suit, Donald Trump.  Speculation is rife as to what these may be.  

The Examiner suggests that Ms. Allred is trying to get sealed court testimony unsealed and certain gag orders lifted,   These may or may not relate to a divorce proceeding the Governor testified in or something about abortion counseling.  Who knows what The Donald has up his sleeve.  Hot Air is skeptical it will be something quite as important as Mr. Trump claims, which is a prudent comment especially given the superlative hyperboles employed by the real estate magnate in the build-up.   Maybe Mr. Trump has taken it upon himself to negate Allred’s surprise with his own?  And so the two cancel out in a noise of competing soundbites, blog screed and Chris Matthew’s rants. 

Does anyone really believe that the media missed something about the Governor?  Does anyone really believe that there is another gotcha secret video that Team O hasn’t thrown up yet?  We won’t ever obtain many Obama records that are sealed or confidential and potentially relevant to his character, but at this point those aren’t necessary anymore.  We have his record and that is enough to judge his character.  That and his conduct in the debates. 

The only surprise about these surprises is that they won’t change the course of the election.  They will be the proverbial flash in the pan.  The electorate is ready and wearied of attacks and sick of media bias.  Anything at this point will be perceived for exactly what it is.  Given the precarious situation of the President’s campaign, look for the flash to be coming from the left and only appear larger because of the gigantic magnifying lens that the media will bring to it.

By the way, if you are interested in getting one of those hairhats for Halloween, here it is:

Mr. Trump has released his surpise here:  This is actually a clever, let’s call it, marketing ploy.  It is not anything new.  Rather it is to put a spotlight on the continuing issue of the nontransparency of the most transparent President ever.  Trump offers the President $5 million to be donated to the charity of Obama’s choice if the President releases all college and passport records.  So no nothing new, but for those who might be on the fence with their vote this non-surprise will still be in play through October 31 which is when The Donald’s offer will expire. 


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