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Let’s Stop the Talk Show Inanities UPDATE: A Mother Speaks Out

October 19, 2012

Should a sitting President really be on the other side of the desk from the likes of Jon Stewart?  Stewart and his ilk are the modern day court jesters, and there is no small reduction to the dignity of the office of the President to actually be sitting down with such folks where they are the ones driving the conversation.  Roasts are a completely different thing, but please, talking about serious policy matters with a comedian during his comic show?  

The latest inanity is proof of that.  President Obama is on the other side of the desk from Mr. Stewart.  The topic of Benghazi comes up.  Mr. Stewart had earlier lampooned the misdirection and mis-messaging of the Administration on this fatal debacle so perhaps the President felt he had to defend himself, and certainly he knows it was a friendly forum.  Then the words “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal. We’re going to fix it.” come tumbling out.  I agree with Hot Air that this looks like an attempt by the President to correspond to the language of Stewart who himself, somewhat indelicately, referred to the situation as not optimal, rather than a repeat along the lines of his blithe “bumps in the road” comment about the same Benghazi tragedy.   But for goodness sakes can’t you see the pain that’s going to come down now?  “I guess 1 American would be more optimal eh Obama?”  or “President Compares Death of Americans to Sub Optimal Performance of Economy.”  or “How do the mothers of the dead Americans feel about their sons’ lives being weighed up like the unemployment rate?”  (Seems one mother has already taken to voicing her anger and sadness over the comment: Doesn’t someone see that these sorts of attempts at TV populism are more potentially more damaging than helpful? 

Let’s return the Presidency to a dignified office where interactions on serious policy matters are through frequent press conferences (how long has it been now since Obama has had one?), major addresses, serious interviews, and not in fora where, depending upon who is in the Office, the officeholder is routinely savaged under the guise of Big Comedy.

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