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“If You Say Liar, He May Say Great Uncle Tom”

October 16, 2012

Surely you have noticed that whenever a black person either announces to run as Republican or criticizes our current president the charges of Uncle Tom follow almost immediately.  And usually the people hurling this epithet have no personal connection to the black person they are insulting.   It’s a risky business making that charge because it presumes to know the interior reasoning of such a person.   Even close acquaintances may not know someone’s interior thoughts.   How Mia Love could be criticized in this way is boggling.  What’s even more astounding is that such critics forget that prominent American blacks, such as Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, Jr. identified with the Republican party.  The organizer of the 1963 march in Washington, D.C., A. Phillip Randolph, was a Republican.  King later switched parties after JFK became president.  Democrats like to forget that King was murdered by a Democrat.

But what of the President?  At the core of the Uncle Tom insult, or Aunt Tom in the case of Mia Love, is the notion that a black person has betrayed his own color by agreeing to oppression of black people.  Using that definition, can we not say this President is a Great Uncle Tom?  This President, more than any other, has endorsed the aims of Planned Parenthood and gladly accepted all its vulgar assistance in the election.  Planned Parenthood is the brainchild of eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger who believed colored people were inferior.  Planned Parenthood today destroys thousands of black unborn babies every month.  In fact, even though black Americans are only 12% of the population, 35% of Planned Parenthood’s are of black unborn babies.  Forget about chains, this Administration countenances death to blacks each time Planned Parenthood dumps baby parts into a biohazard plastic bag.  Of course, this statistic does not account for actual harm abortionists cause the black women who seek the abortion.  Indeed, here is a recent report of a black young woman “who could be Obama’s daughter” and her sad death at the hands of a Chi-town abortionist on 18 South Michigan Avenue:  This is not an isolated case.  Abortionists regularly put women in danger.  And perhaps the latest in horrendous actions is the abortionist from West Philly, Dr. Gosnell.  Even assuming you have bought the liberal lie that an unborn baby is not a human baby, how can the damage to young black women be ignored?  Great Uncle Tom President ignores.

And what about the economy?  How about its effects on black Americans?  How has the squandered term of the president, in which nothing was done to address long-term debt, in which good energy jobs were strangled, in which bad energy jobs became dead ends, in which a monstrous healthcare law is now suffocating businesses to the point where they are seeking ways to avoid the law, helped the black community?   The unemployment rate for black men is a shameful 14.2% — with absolutely no benefit from the latest unemployment numbers which appeared favorable to the economy overall.  That is double the rate for white men.  Let’s talk about economic chains now.  This President’s addiction to debt and regulation are those chains on his own black brothers.  For black men and women the rate is 13.4%.  If that were the reported unemployment rate for the entire country, no one would be voting for this President in November.

The record is clear.  The first black President has further oppressed black America.

Hot Air’s open thread for tonight’s debate is here:

And here is Hot Air’s discussion of two focus groups, one Fox News, one MSNBC.  They are both valuable though Frank Luntz is the master.  The MSNBC discussion is intriguing and the sole black American hits precisely on the point of this post, namely, where has the disproportionate economic damage to minorities and blacks received appropriate attention?  Where has the President’s concern for his own community gone?


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