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Obama and Biden: A Tale of Two Extremes UPDATE: Obama and Biden: A Tale of Two Empty Chairs

October 12, 2012

Perhaps Team Obama thought that, by letting Joe Biden loose in the debate, when you put the lifeless effort of the President together with the grinning tempest of Biden the overall effect would come across as a kind of two-headed temperate, engaged, statesman.  If so, that was a fool’s errand. 

The primary effect of Biden’s performance in my mind was to highlight the awkward feebleness of the President.  So liberals are now asking themselves, why couldn’t the President come out with zeal like Joe Biden?  The Vice President in that respect overshadowed the President (though many would say Biden’s zeal was downright rude and bordered on the clownish).  With Biden’s denials that the Administration was not informed of enhanced security requests in Benghazi and that the intelligence community told him a YouTube video caused a riot which destroyed our consulate and 4 American lives, one begins to think Joe is not very in touch with happenings in the Administration.  He is more of a campaign sideshow than a real partner in important decisions in the White House.  (There are others who suggest that Biden actively skewered the truth by these statements,, but charity requires instead to conclude that he and his office were in fact out of the loop.)  His office is no more valuable than a cold bucket of spit.  Though with his “stand-out” performance, one begins to think Joe this morning harboring thoughts of how much better he is than the President, and how if fate were just a tiny bit different, he would be the Executive and Obama would be his junior.  Joe Biden, Almost-President, must continually dance before his eyes and now with a kind of cruel and unfair aspect. 

Mr. Biden did himself in all on his own.  His interpersonal skills are reportedly very impressive.  He has intelligence.  He has experience.  But the moment he started weaving deceptions about his life and betraying his Faith for party promotion, these skills began to betray him.  In his first and best opportunity to run for president, Biden’s skill of speech betrayed him when he plagiarized from a British p0litician, Neil Kinnock.  In Biden’s words, all he had to do was add two words to that incriminating speech “like Kinnock” and all would have been well.  (Even his explanation suggests the mistake was attributable to a momentary lapse or trick of his tongue.)  His pride betrayed his intelligence when he puffed up his own academic record.  And for all his experience dealing with people, Joe Biden is the one who called out a New Hampshire man for having a lower IQ.  His own health betrayed him when he experienced debilitating headaches while on the campaign.  Biden saw 1988 slipping right through his fingers.   His run for the 2008 nomination was futile.  Running 5th in Iowa against younger and more energetic opponents in Obama and Clinton, he ended his aspirations once and for all.  Being Vice President must be a bitter drug for him.

So we have the next presidential debate in less than a week.  The President will not be content to be overshadowed by his lesser.  He is smart enough not to adopt the antics of Biden.  But how will he portray the zeal that he needs to energize his own base?  The rhetoric of Hope and Change is long gone.  “Forward” doesn’t get anyone motivated.  What will he do?  One option is to attack the Governor as Biden attempted to do.  Certainly liberals are ravenous to hear their leader let fly the charge of liar.  That would be the silliest thing for Mr. Obama to do.  Joe Wilson made that charge of the President and had to apologize.  Romney would turn that charge into another reason not to vote for most divisive President in modern times and hammer again on his bipartisan record.  Whatever the President attempts, Mr. Romney will display the same courteous but assertive demeanor.  He will not be derailed by any wild accusations.  He will maintain his command of the issues and facts as necessary.  He will charge with decorum and strength, and the President will fall again, likely not as silently as in the first debate, but certainly just as hard.


This just in from Buzzfeed:  Joe Biden was speaking for himself and the President when he said they knew nothing about the requests for security at the Benghazi consulate.  Seems Biden is not only a smile without a body but an empty chair as well.  Hot Air picks up on this as well in its update on the same point at the same post cited above:

Do you think that if a President had actually attended intelligence briefings he might have picked up on the notion that September 11 would be a potentially dangerous day in Benghazi? 


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