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Dedicated Catholic vs. Wishy-Washy Catholic or Youth v. Hair Implants

October 11, 2012

When you frame the contest between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan this way, the answer is easy: Ryan. In fact, no matter how you frame the contest, the answer will be easy: Ryan will prevail. The problem with Joe Biden is that he comes to the contest with a handicap. He is already living a deceptive life. Calling himself a Catholic yet continuously departing from the Church on fundamental teachings. What other deceptions has he accepted in his life? You may think these sorts of practical compromises don’t affect one’s integrity and competency. But it’s not a coincidence that Joe Biden could never win his party’s nomination outright. It’s no coincidence that he had to stoop to plagiarism when he just had to stay true to his faith, and he would have found the right words. Every so often Joe’s upbringing does peek through, for example, when he speaks the unvarnished truth like the middle class has been buried these past four years or that Obama will raise taxes by $1 trillion. But the old, fake, hair implant Joe will show up for this contest. The one throwing out slavery’s chains and crude language. No, we will not see the true Joe, just the old one who pines for glory he will never have.

Hot Air has bought the line that Joe will be greasy aggressive Joe.  Perhaps, but in the end, he will just look like a tired, faded has been next to the energetic Ryan.


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