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Best Romney Tactic for Debate — Confidence in Character

October 2, 2012

When all the studying and reviewing, when all the mock debates, when all the last minute recalculations and tinkerings to answers to expected questions, when all the attentions to detail of dress and manner and even what the candidates will eat the night before are over, and the candidates come forward on the stage in Colorado, what will carry the day is confident, forthright delivery of the candidate’s vision for America.  As a partisan, I think it is impossible to give a truthful delivery of a vision of America as free and strong when in fact one candidate embraces decreased military power, insouciance over the deaths of Americans, panderous posturing to radicals, ever increasing debt-fueled economic “fixes” to the economy and feverish regulation-making to the tune of thousands of new rules implementing the most imprisoning of laws which is Obamacare.  The President will have to rely on smiles, promises, distraction and repackaging of the tired hope and change.  So yes, Gov. Romney can win the day if he delivers his vision for a free and strong America.

Having met individuals who know the Governor both casually and more intimately, I can draw two conclusions about his capability to debate.  These conclusions are not particularly earth-shattering because I believe anyone could draw these conclusions from watching him in press conferences, in debates, and on the campaign road.  First, I believe that Governor Romney can speak from the heart (unlike the other guy).  The Governor’s press conference the evening of September 11 was motivated by a true concern for our citizens and diplomats abroad and America’s cherished principle of free speech.  While some in the press characterized the Governor as premature and politicized, I did not.  I saw the Governor filling the massive void of silence the President had left when the people were asking:  What the hell is going on? (We are still waiting on the President to tell us.)  Mitt Romney gave a bold statement about the lack of leadership and the type of response that America should give to such a murderous attack.  From my conversations with individuals, Mitt Romney forges real friendships, real relationships and genuine connections.  Second, I believe the Governor is cunning.  It was not easy in the primaries trying to topple those with more burnished conservative Republican creds.  He did it through smart attacks and good debating.  From my conversations I was impressed by the notion that the Governor is as wise as a snake.  In that conversation I replied, it takes one snake to devour the other.  Of course my reference was to the Mosaic snake, being a representative of the true God, devouring the false snakes of the Pharoah.  Third, time and time again the Governor acts the true gentleman.  Thus, when the crowd was shouting his name, he insisted that it be Romney and Ryan because he was campaigning with his running mate at the time.

To win this debate, and all the others, yes the Governor needs to have studied and know the facts, but above all he must deliver a genuine, cunning and gentlemanly appeal.  Genuine to make sure he connects to the American people.  Cunning to expose the Chicago-smooth deceptions of his opponent.  Gentlemanly to deliver in a way that makes him appear kind and the other like the chooming, arrogant, faker he is.

He can do this.  He just needs to be confident in his character.

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