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The Catholics Who Hate Their Own Faith

September 20, 2012

You know the ones I am talking about.  The most scandalous who come to mind often reside within a roughly 10 square mile area known as Washington, D.C.  They include the lizardly Nancy Pelosi, the faded Joe Biden, the cadaverous John Kerry and the scofflaw Kathleen Sebellius.  Yes, the last is quite the politician recently having been found to have broken the law by campaigning for her boss while on official government time.  The scandalous fog spreads out from there and reaches Annapolis where the emasculated Martin O’Malley works his special brand of hypocrisy and fiscal mismanagement in the relatively Catholic state of Maryland.  Certainly you find more as you run up the East Coast and end with the spineless son of a spineless Catholic Andrew Cuomo.  Each in their own way hate their Catholic Faith.  Yet their hate boils down to the same root defect:  pride.  Ms. Pelosi is perhaps the most clear about her pride (she likes to hear herself hold forth on various weighty issues) when she explained that, with respect to whether the Catholic Church teaches that human life begins at conception, St. Augustine and other early Church teachers were not clear and that the Church only came to that conclusion within the last 50 years.  The statement was erroneous and a cause for scandal among the faithful.    Moreover, it suggests that the faithful can ignore “new” Church teachings.   What else if not pride of heart would cause a Catholic to publicly state her theological views (not being a theologian) and insinuate that Catholics can choose not to follow Church teaching while remaining in communion with the Church?

Perhaps the saddest aspect of this is that many of the faithful do not take their faith to heart when considering their next vote.  If they did, their vote would be easy.  It would be against the party which embraces the culture of death.

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