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The Empty Chair Chief Executive

September 17, 2012

According to The Altantic ( the Administration has published a political posturing piece about what would happen to various science and research expenditures if the sequestration occurs next year.   What possibly is the political gain in putting this analysis out there?  All I see is the downside of the reminder that this president has been the epitome of the empty chair when it comes to budget responsibility.  Not one of his so-called budgets have been accepted by anyone in Congress.  His own party rejects his budget.  Because the Executive spends the vast share of the federal budget, leadership on the issue by the Executive is critical to getting any budget passed.  What if you were the one spending the money in a household and continually put off working with the breadwinners of the house the adoption of a budget?  You would soon be removed from that position of responsibility.

This Empty Chair Executive needs to be replaced by someone who can sit down in a chair and work out a fiscally sane budget.  This country needs Mitt Romney.

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