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President’s Abject Failures on National Security — Romney Should Attack UPDATE — He Is

September 13, 2012

It is now becoming clear that the President is more concerned about his campaign than national security. Beginning September 5, the President skipped all of his daily intelligence briefings through and including September 12, the day after the Ambassador was murdered. Of all times in the year, the several weeks leading up to the anniversary of 9-11 are the most critical for our national security and yet this President is more concerned about planning fundraising trips in Las Vegas.

The President is also using national security intelligence, such as the kill-list scandal, to pump up what is a horrid domestic record.

These failures and scandals represent clear opportunities for Gov. Romney to press the attack and expose the President for his national security failures.

UPDATE:  From Hotair:  The Governor can and should continue to bring the pain day after day.


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