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Why Condoms Depress Women

August 28, 2012

It’s really incredible that people spend millions of dollars to “discover” things that common sense folks know from day one.  A study came out recently concluding that men are looking for love when they visit a prostitute.  Guess who penned this line about a century ago?:  “Every time a man knocks on the brothel door he is really searching for God.”  No scientific study, just keen observations of human nature led GK Chesterton to that conclusion.

Now a new study reported here:, has concluded that a woman physically benefits from the chemical interaction of semen with her vaginal tissues.  Did we really need a study to show that real sex is more fulfilling then fake, condomed, masturbatory sex?  The study goes on to conclude that promiscuous non-condom using women nevertheless still exhibit depression to the same extent as women who use condoms.  Thus, the study goes on to support the idea that monogamy is the truly fulfilling sexual norm.  The same principle is at work there, namely, that promiscuity involves falso sexual relationships, just as condoms provide a false connection between man and woman.  The silly report suggests a woman can use birth control in a monogamous relationship and get the benefits of semen not understanding that the pill itself leads to depression.

Given the way leftist American society is going, someone is going to start bottling the components of semen in a pill, like they do red wine, and sell it to women as an anti-depressant.

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