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The Continued Vitality of Palin Power

May 16, 2012

Deb Fischer.  Were it not for Mrs. Palin’s timely endorsement, Sen. Fischer would not have achieved a remarkable come-from-behind victory over much better funded and known primary opponents.  Fox covers the story here: and Hotair here:   And here is Mrs. Palin’s Facebook congratulations to the Senator:

The liberal pundits, Democrat and Republican (e.g., David Frum), stridently proclaimed the end of Mrs. Palin’s influence in American politics when she announced her decision not to run for the White House.  This blog and all our friends knew much much better.  What the liberals can’t grasp is the enduring appeal of a woman politician who zealously and with zest promotes conservative values.  They cannot understand that most Americans don’t want Big Government to decide their lives because they don’t understand that most Americans see Big Government as an encroachment on the American Promise.  If they are really honest with themselves liberals will admit that they believe the America constructed by our Founders, one of a severely limited national government, is passe.   

2010 proved them gravely wrong.  2012 will prove them dead wrong when the current Executive becomes passe and his signature socialist legislation is rejected by a Court unwilling to twist the Constitution beyond all recognition. 

Let’s hear it for conservative womanity!

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