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The Fall of Obamacare Started When . . .

March 28, 2012

Congress did not do its job in collaborating upon, reading and reviewing the material premises of the proposal.  It is easy enough to recall the inane and insane public statements of then-House Leader Pelosi that the people had to wait until the legislation was passed to know what was in it and of Mr. Conyers who took offense at being requested to read the bill before voting on it.  What do we elect these people to do?  You might say it is infeasible, in this highly-articulated, complex governmental system, to expect our representatives to actually read and understand every word in every bill, to which I, Thomas Jefferson and many others dead and alive respond:  the government that governs least governs best, so if Congress cannot acquit its duties faithfully and thoroughly take duties away until it can.  For the sake of all that is free and good, at least when it comes to the unprecedented expansion of Federal power represented by Obamacare, Congress should have taken its time and deliberated in a unified manner.  But no, that wasn’t the way of this Administration, nor of that Congressional leadership.  Theirs was the way of closed doors, backroom deals, inflight deals, promises of waivers, and letters to wavering congressmen on paper not worth a dime of legal authority (unless you are willing to cede all real authority to the current White House resident).  Sen. Snowe’s remarks on the failure of this Administration to work with all of Congress ring very true here.

So the seeds of this signature achievement of the current Article 2 branch of government were sown at the time of its making.  And the fruit will be the very clear statement of the Article 3 branch of government that Obamacare is an invalid exercise of Article 1 authority. 

What do we come to know of them by this particular fruit?  The age-old truth that pride goeth before the fall.

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