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That Masturbatory Administration

February 8, 2012

“A lonely act of self-love.”  This is the definition given by the Catholic Church to this sinful act.  From Onan of old, rejection of the unifying and life-giving power of sex is hated by the Divine.  Contraception is no more or less than the conversion of a person into a living masturbatory toy.  It engenders, as do all deceptions from the dark, a half-life, where a person becomes less than a person in pursuit of fleeting and commitment-free carnality.  It relies upon a half-truth, as does all sin, which, because it is half, is no truth at all.  Much like this Administration’s reliance on half-truths. 

The President’s appeal to C.S. Lewis to support his view of socializing Government belies his use of power against the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception.  C.S. Lewis passionately rejected the half-life of contraceptive sex in his wonderful science fiction the Space Trilogy, specifically the third book, That Hideous Strength.  In that final installment, C.S. Lewis, through such excellently drawn characters as Merlin himself, attacks those who would abolish man himself through technological advances.  A particularly poignant and lucid expression of Divine rage at the evil of contraception is seen when Merlin condemns the contracepting wife as the “falsest lady of any at this time alive.” 

The Stranger was speaking and pointing at her as he spoke. She did not understand the words; but Dimble did, and heard Merlin saying in what seemed to him a rather strange kind of Latin: ‘Sir, you have in your house the falsest lady of any at this time alive.’

 And Dimble heard the Director answer him in the same language:

 ‘Sir, you are mistaken.  She is doubtless like all of us a sinner; but the woman is chaste.’

 ‘Sir,’ said Merlin, ‘know well that she has done in Logres a thing of which no less sorrow shall come than came of the stroke that Balinus struck.  For, Sir, it was the purpose of God that she and her lord should between them have begotten a child by whom the enemies should have been put out of Logres for a thousand years.’

 ‘She is but lately married,’ said Ransom.  ‘The child may yet be born.’

 ‘Sir,’ said Merlin, ‘be assured that the child will never be born, for the hour of its begetting is passed.  Of their own will they are barren…’

Logres is the word for Arthur’s England and legend has it that Balinus is the Knight who injured a fellow Knight with the Spear of Longinus causing barreness in the land for several years.   C.S. Lewis lines up squarely with the Pope:

[Contracepted intercourse] leads not only to a positive refusal to be open to life, but also to a falsification of the inner truth of conjugal love, which is called upon to give itself in personal totality” (Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, n. 32). “Such a violation of the interior order of conjugal union …constitutes the essential evil of the contraceptive act” (Pope John Paul II, General Audience 8/22/84).

It is sad to see the Office of the President tainted by its resort to deceptions and half-truths.  Hot Air reports that Administration officials may be reconsidering.  Certainly that is not because that White House full of darkened intellects has cast off the moral lie of contraception.  Certainly it is because of the fear of losing the Catholic swing vote (a vote it should never have received).  And so the play goes on from one scene to another at this White House — how do we ensure our continued power over people, how do we keep playing with them to suit our desires, how do we force them to look and act like we want, how do we continue to push our fantasy of America onto the American people and so continue our carnal political gratifications?

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