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No One Says It Like the Governor

January 24, 2012

There is a wonderful essay by the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen about how to talk, whether that be in a debate, a lecture or sermon.  He says that effective speech requires sincerity: 

When the Romans found pieces of marble that were imperfect, they put wax in the holes.  Wax, in Latin, is cera.  When they found a perfect piece of marble, it was called sine cera, or without wax, whence comes the word sincere. 

He goes on to say that speaking without imitation, i.e., without wax fill-ins, as one’s unique self, with the conviction of the truth of what you speak makes the most compelling speaker.  Mrs. Palin is a most compelling speaker for this very reason.  She gives the hearer her self without guile and and with conviction.  Thus when she commented on Gov. Christie’s prostration before David Gregory on Meet the Press, it was pure Sarah Palin and dead on accurate.  Hot Air gathered almost 900 comments to its coverage of her colorful metaphor involving underwear.

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