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Governor Palin — An Appeal from the Heart

January 13, 2012

Dear Governor,

We need your help.  This country’s path was set on a right course with the historic elections of 201o.  You were the catalyst and the voice of people who saw the danger we were in and acted to elect the best candidates all over the nation.  We need your passion, your heart and your fire to ensure we stay on that path and preserve that most important victory. 

We need your endorsement of Governor Perry.  We have weighed in the balance each of the candidates.  Only Governor Perry comes closest to your ideals of limited Federal Government, free markets, energy independence, appropriate state authority and moral renewal.   South Carolina is the crucible for the Governor for Texas.  He needs your help.  I recommend this post from Hot Air, where, until you dropped from consideration, you consistently outpolled all candidates among that blog’s readership.

From one great Governor of one Great State to her brother Governor of that other Great State, please endorse Governor Perry.

Your most sincere defenders,

The Knights

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  1. burntd0g permalink
    January 13, 2012 4:33 am

    I suspect if Sarah cared at all about this election, she’d be running 🙂

    She’s got bigger fish to fry, more money to make, somewhere else I guess. Sigh.

    • January 13, 2012 2:30 pm

      Or maybe she over-estimated the potential for negative popular reaction to her candidacy after she won the primaries and figured that if the goal is to one-term Obama, it needs to be somebody else.

      Do you think she will endorse anyone?

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