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Occupying Congress — A Conservative’s Best Antidote to Obama 2 or Romney 1

January 12, 2012

You read conversative and nominally conservative blogs and the topic of the day, the week, the month roundly and energetically debated is whether Gov. Romney should be the GOP candidate and whether he can beat the current president.  As the GOP primaries begin to unfold there appears to be a sense that voters are looking to electability as a key issue, which means of course that primary in their mind is the removal of our dangerously underperforming President, and that Romney is doing a good job appearing to be the most electable.  Hot Air nicely covers the subject here and Sen. Santorum’s take on electability:

Lurking in the background of all of this energy and angst is the notion that something is wrong when we place so much importance on a president.  Is it really in the power of the president to create jobs or turn around the largest economy in the world?  Is it really the president we should look to defend human life?  Is the body we should look to put us on a path to fiscal renewal residing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  No, no, and no.  The Framers were wise when they erected the structure of our Constitution and endowed Congress with sole legislative power.  They were far-sighted when they gave Congress the power to initiate Constitutional reforms.  They understand why the judicial branch was to be the “least dangerous branch” and even allowed for a unified Congress to remove the President from the legislative picture by veto override.  What we need is a unified, conservative Congress.  Such a Congress will nullify the excesses of the Presidency whether that office is occupied by the current Chicago-style politician or the urbane, yet suspect, Romney.

Can Conservatives occupy Congress?

You betcha.  Especially with the help of Mrs. Palin.

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