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You Are Sorely Missed

October 25, 2011

Certainly you and your family made the best decision dear Governor. We who support you understand, and we continue to support you. Without reservation, without question and without qualification. Because nothing has changed. You are a true blue American woman and leader, yesterday and today, today and tomorrow. You are whom He called you to be. And how can we not thank Him for you? We continually thank God for you.  Do you believe us?

But because we are human, we are sad that you declined to run. We are sad because you held such promise for reform for us. We are sad because we won’t now see the triumph of “you betcha” in the presidential debates. We won’t now see and hear the beautiful woman from Alaska tell it like it is while the smooth smoker from Chicago tells it like it aint. We won’t now see a daughter of the Pilgrims remind us who we are in the face of those who want to make us something we are not. We are sad dear Governor. Surely you understand.

The others, while excellent in certain respects, don’t hold a moose’s tail to you. You know that. They know that. The president knows that.

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  1. TLemmbert permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:31 am

    Many supporters want Sarah Palin to reconsider running for President. Today, Conservatives4Palin will begin running an ad on TV. To show that you think she should run, you can wear items that proclaim the message and help spread it far and wide. Please go to the link to find a t-shirt, jewelry, hat, tote bag, button, mug, water bottle or other item to advertise your support of the “Reconsider Movement”!

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