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“Is a Title Worth It?” An Answer to the Governor

September 29, 2011

Governor, it depends upon what you believe you are paying to achieve the title.  There is no question that you and your family would be making a major sacrifice on a number of levels most conspicuously in terms of your daily life together, and that is a sacrifice without measure it seems to me.   However, you know perhaps the best of all that politics is the art of the possible.   Every public statement and decision you have made as an official and now as a private citizen are well within the bounds of the presidency.  Everything.  In fact, that is what the populace wants and I daresay many around the world.  We thirst for a President who will truly keep the oath to uphold the Constitution, not remake it in his image.  And the world thirsts for an America that leads with grace, courage, and integrity both fiscal and spiritual.  Dear Governor, you speak of being shackled as a President but isn’t that a happy yoke  if the Constitution is your shackle?

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