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Spending Cuts v. Revenue Raisers

July 23, 2011

The current debt ceiling debate and more global debate about the national debt pits conservative spending cuts against liberal tax increases.  Putting aside the serious question whether raising taxes in a struggling economy is ever a good idea, cuts and increases seem to make economic sense in that their combination would seem to provide the best antidote to runaway debt.  However, there is more at stake here than the bare economics, what is stake is the very fiscal soul of our country.  What I mean by that is simply this:  at this critical juncture providing additional revenue to the Government by way of tax increases would validate all the waste in the past.  If we don’t stand now against it, when will we?  I say, let the Government prove through its own frugality that we can trust it with more funding and then and only then would the frugal citizens of American trust its Government with more of their money.  With the complete failure of the stimulus bill and GAO reports of the nonsensical redundancy in Washington to the tune of billions of dollars, I say, the citizens say, no more.

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