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Knight to Bishop’s 3: The Governor’s Opening Move?

April 19, 2011

Go to   A strong opening chess move for white.   

Politico here and Hotair here are reporting on the significantly revamped SarahPAC website.  Both sites give high marks to the new format and look.  If anyone knows how to use the internet to get things done and get a message out, that person is the Governor.  The renovated website is professional and inspiring.  The panaromic view of The High One is breathtaking reminding us all of the greatness and beauty of our singular nation. 

While most of us supporters know nothing about the Governor’s ultimate intentions vis-a-vis the White House, this latest development reminds us of a careful chess player, considering the options, weighing the opponent, picking her timing and her strategy to achieve the best advantage. 

What we all would like to see this November 2012 is this final game notation:  1-0.

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