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Say It Ain’t So Politico

April 14, 2011

Politico reported here that Glenn Beck said on his radio show April 12 that the Governor does not want to run for office.  Beck did not apparently say that he had a conversation with the Governor or that she otherwise told him her intentions so it is hard to know what to think.  The Governor herself stated that the best President is the candidate who does not seek the office and is humbled by the prospect of leading the nation.  Her political hero is George Washington who voluntarily gave up office after two terms.  It was the Democrat who believed he was necessary to the nation who broke that tradition and required us to pass the 22nd Amendment. 

Certainly many of us would be overjoyed to hear her announce her candidacy and believe, even if she did not win the ticket or the office, that her presence in the election would greatly help the cause of freedom, conservatism and fiscal discipline in our nation.  Of course, many of us believe she would defeat the other GOP candidates and win the office, but, in the end, it her decision to sacrifice, and sacrifice it would be, to run for President, and no amount of earnest wishing on our part should overlook that.    Instead, pray for her that she is divinely guided.  She deserves no less than that for all she has done for the country.

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