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New DNC Chairman A Sarah Palin Wannabe

April 7, 2011

Hah!  What they say is true about imitation being the highest form of flattery but the new DNC Chairman, Ms. Wasserman Schultz,  would never admit it.  Hotair reports here, that Ms. Wasserman Schultz described Paul Ryan’s budget as a “death trap for seniors”  Sound familiar? Of course it does and in fact her poor attempt at rhetoric is only compelling because it reminds us of the true and incisive label of “death panels” that our Governor gave to Obamacare’s rationing effort.   The Chairman’s charge comes across exactly as it is:  an exaggerated attempt to divert attention from the real disease in the country — love of debt and dependence on foreign creditors.   I am surprised too that Hotair’s usually on target evaluations miss the mark here.  There is nothing approaching “literary” in the Chairman’s comment nor her other one comparing the budget to a tornado. 

Let’s get it straight — continued resort to debt to fund this country is a death warrant for our prosperity and that, my friends, harms seniors, juniors, boomers, infants, and the unborn.

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