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Paying the Price for Slavery: A Leader Who Doesn’t Want to Lead

March 24, 2011

The recent comment from the White House to the effect that being the President of China is an easier job because freedom loving people don’t look to China for support in tough times was a relevation.  Our President doesn’t like his job.  Just as he disdained the high honor and duty of his office as United States senator, it appears he disdains the role of President of the beacon of freedom, these United States. 

As junior Senator of Illinois, the young Mr. Obama missed a record number of votes, including on significant issues such as Iran, abortion and homeland security.,_2008/Senate_attendance,_missed_votes and

Now, as President, he simply schedules official visits and shows off his soccer skills in Latin America whilst American soldiers are involved in yet another theater of action.  He dithered while oil gushed into our precious waters, opting to entertain acerbic, aged rockers, golf and undertake assorted other non-essential, non-relevant activities.  No, this President prefers his own timetable even when events demand the attention of a leader.  Oh, it would be so much easier if the world did not look to him as the symbol of freedom and if everyone just did as he said.   

Every American is eternally grateful that the evil of slavery is gone and so much of its consequences in the form of discrimination are competely gone from our society.  But when the sentiment that it was time a black man was president became the goal of the 2008 election it was to our detriment because we chose an unready and seemingly unwilling man to achieve that goal.


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