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GOProud Is Antagonistic to Conservatism

February 9, 2011

Simply put, an organization that seeks to redefine marriage seeks to redefine society.  Marriage is the building block of a whole society and the complementary nature of man and woman is the bedrock of marriage. 

There cannot be anything more anti-conservative than an agenda to destroy the building block of society. 

That is not to say that anyone of any political persuasion who wants to attend CPAC should not do so.  Man is fallen, and we all sin.  But the notion GOProud is entitled to sponsor CPAC or present on some topic (what would it be by the way?) is a dangerous notion.  CPAC is a gathering for conservatives to be inspired and educated.   The notion that Federalism is the key here and therefore no conservative should want an Amendment to the Constitution protecting man-woman marriage is worthy of perhaps 5 minutes of discussion.  Certain issues are worthy of Constitutional amendment and this is clearly one. 

No doubt a debate between conservatives and moral relativists can be instructive, but that is not the agenda of CPAC.  Otherwise, those who are truly antagonistic to conservatism subtly acquire the veneer of that movement to the detriment of the whole and the country.

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  2. February 21, 2011 12:02 pm

    Olen moelnud alustada WordPress blog ka. Kas sa tead mis tahes kohtades, kus nad opetavad teile, kuidas?

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