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Tragedy and Polls

January 18, 2011

It is entirely unseemly to convert a tragedy into immediate and overt political machinations.  Honestly, you Media, you Pollsters, have you no dignity or sense of discretion?  Media slavering over assignment of blame. Polls about the president the day after his speech?  Why?  Polls about the Governor after her very difficult video statement?  Why?  Just let tragedy be tragedy.  Let those who lost mourn.  Let us their countrymen mourn with them.  So many it seems in the media grew up without proper training for they lack these simple sensibilities. 

Of course, much of this could have been avoided had not certain punditry vampires, thirsting for political blood,  been given the time of day when they proclaimed the guilt of the Governor.  We place the blame directly at the feet of those who fear the lady who speaks, the lady who loves this country as the land of the Declaration and Constitution, those who fear this lady who stands in their way to remake this country in their, most undeserving, image.

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