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Stewart and Colbert, Misogynist and Hypocrite, in That Order

October 2, 2010

Oh our clever national court jesters.  Their mildly and not so mildly perverted attacks on Christine O’Donnell show their stripes no matter what character they play.

Let’s take Jon Stewart first.  He played a clip of a younger Miss O’Donnell courageously speaking out about the selfishness of masturbation on an MTV show.  She truthfully described the act as inconsistent with the giving nature of sex in marriage and bluntly said “if he [my husband] is doing this then why am I in the picture?”  Mr. Stewart, apparently something of an expert in the sayings of Oscar Wilde, then crudely and meanly answered her question (to the apparent laughter of the crowd):  “Why because my dear, as Oscar Wilde said, [I can’t reach my penis with my mouth].”  It was perhaps the most disgusting and degrading thing the Knights have heard in a long time on so-called late night comedy.  Degrading both to Miss O’Donnell and John Stewart. 

We call you out funny guy as a pervert and misogynist.

Now let’s turn to the ever smooth Mr. Colbert.  He decided to play the same clip though slightly earlier in Miss O’Donnell’s defense of chastity in marriage.  She was quite accurately recounting the passage in the Gospel where Christ says that lust for a woman in the heart is the same as adultery, and then she concludes that masturbation is therefore an act of adultery.  Well, S. Colbert, a Catholic Sunday school teacher, had his little fun by proposing that you can solve this problem by marrying your hand.  Hah, hah.  A barrel of laughs.  At the expense of his own Church.  Did you play that little skit for your students Stevie boy?

We call you out Mr. Knee-slapper as a creepy hypocrite.

The Knights

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  1. Katie permalink
    March 1, 2013 6:38 pm

    You can’t be serious. If this is sincere, then there is no God.

    • March 15, 2013 9:23 pm

      Does the post read like a joke? I admit if you are big fan of these two you probably see jokes coming out of the woodwork, but please try to articulate your criticism a little more clearly than what amounts to a slighly more wordy version of that oft-used text message “SRSLY?” What is your beef really?


  1. Would you ever marry a man who was a former misogynist? | girls wedding

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