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Why Liberals Can’t Understand Sarah Palin

July 1, 2010

It’s incredible really.  How do you explain such smug dribble like that in this

Why do the liberals hate the Governor?  Because they don’t understand her and that leads to fear which leads to hate.  Why don’t they understand her?  Because they cannot fathom a leader who does not want to exercise power for power’s sake.  They cannot comprehend a politician who thinks the people know what’s best for them.  They cannot stomach a leader who doesn’t use government to force people to think the way the liberals do.   They cannot understand because they do not bother to reflect, and the unreflective life is not worth living as Socrates said.  One of the most reflective of individuals living on the planet today said the following:

In a crisis of trust, Plato said that the blindness of average politics is due to the fact their representatives fight for power ‘as if it were a great good.’  The real statesman must be a man who has seen through this striving for semblance and appearance.  He must be a person who understands to be a service and accepts it as a burden, as a renunciation of the greater, which he has tasted:  the beauty of knowing being free for truth. 

Benedict XVI.

Governor Palin wisely commented that George Washington was the greatest statesmen because he gave up office and relinquished power when he could have so easily remained as president and thereafter as a mild autocrat.  FDR, the Man Who Thought the Country Could Not Live Without Him and His Brilliant Ideas, is a pathetic creature compared to Washington.

Governor Palin is no FDR and is no Obama and God Bless America for that!

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