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Why Liberals Can’t Think

June 11, 2010

Because they have embraced statism and moral relativism.  The idea that someone can fight for limited Federal government and yet be rightfully outraged at the Government’s lack of action in the Gulf is unacceptable to the liberal.  Either you are for the Federal government handling all aspects of our life or none at all.  This of course stems from the view that statism is the real solution to all problems; that a group of men with complete control over the rest of us is the only answer.  The very ideas expressed by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration and Constitution of limited government and Federalism are so much passe 18th century thought to them.   Can a conservative be consistent if he wants the Federal government out of health care but does want the Feds to run our military?  Of course, but the liberals apparently can’t see that.  Can a conservative be consistent when a disaster threatens the health of our national waters and several States and looks to the Feds to help out?  Of course, it falls to a limited Federal government to address truly national problems such as the Gulf spill.  The Coast Guard for example is appropriately a National Government function because it protects our national waters and borders.  But maybe all the Gulf States really needed was for the Federal government to get out of the way and promptly allow them to (i) construct containing berms, (ii) burn the oil, (iii) use dispersants, and (iv) constructively work with BP.  That would  have been a whole let better than what did happen which was delay upon delay whilst the Administration partied and primped with the likes of low class British singers.

Oh, and the reference to moral relativism?  You see it has a subtle corrosive effect which is to make its followers choose the expedient over the true.  If there is no standard of moral truth then what is left is simply advancing your agenda no matter the toll on honesty.  At the end of the day, liberals who make this sort of silly attack really don’t believe in what they say, they are merely trying to score points with themselves and irritate those who can think.

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