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Sowing Good Seed and the First Woman President

June 8, 2010

As anyone who knows anything about succeeding in politics knows, it’s about the friends you make or as Tip O’Neill is reputed to have said:  “All politics is local.”  In other words, to mount any campaign, even for a lowly village council position, you have to build relationships.  Those friends will become your supporters and spend the extra hours of their free time for you walking precints, making calls, getting the word out through sign, song, placard, blog.  Build a strong network, have a great campaign.

Sarah Palin is doing that.  Our Governor is doing what she said she would do which is helping America have the opportunity to pick the best leaders.  You know, ones who will listen to the American People, who will respect the Public Fisc, who will stand up to our enemies. 

But by doing so, she is also shrewdly sowing good seed for a presidential run in 2012.  The Knights can’t wait to see the incredible strength and enthusiasm and coordination of the Palin campaign.  The Knights can’t wait for Sarah Barracuda to really shake up politics in Washington like she shook up the old boy oil gang in Alaska.   

The Knights can’t wait for the first woman president.

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