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“Our Dear Leader”

June 4, 2010

It is time to reflect on the various actions of our President.  If you do, I think you will agree that our President would really prefer if America shrugged off those dated concepts of “checks and balances” and “separation of power” and embrace real capacity for change, i.e., an unfettered executive power.  Other nations such as Saudi Arabia (you know the one where our President showed how flexible he was in greeting its king) really know how to get things done without such Western annoyances.    What suggests this?

1.  Contempt for the law — witness the recent revelations about the attempts by the White House bribe two candidates to drop out of their respective Federal races.

2.  Contempt for Congress — recall his recent remarks to the Mexican president that he couldn’t change the immigration laws because of that pesky institution called Congress.   (Also number 5 below.) 

3.  Contempt for Federalism — recall his remarks criticizing the AZ immigration law and his efforts to force a national health care system on us.  Also note his laissez-faire attitude regarding the BP oil spill.  [Update:  his purposeful obstruction of state plans to combat the spill.]

4.  Contempt for the Supreme Court — recall his verbal assault on the members of the Court during the State of the Union and recall the look on his face when he did that. 

5.  Resort to unelected/unvetted Czars — this speaks for itself.  Handpicked carbon copy zealots who handle significant Federal budgetary decisions all without being vetted by the Senate.  (Also filed under “Contempt for Congress” above.) 

6.  Contempt for the Press — his refusal to release his historical medical records, educational records and writings and full birth certificate, his talking points morning meetings with major news media correspondents, his selective anger against the media organizations who don’t say what he wants, e.g., The Washington Times booted off his campaigning plane, assaults on Fox News, laughter at the joke that Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys should fail. 

7.  Contempt of the Public Fisc — Date-night on Air Force One to NYC, Air Force Flyover NYC all for “one” picture — does anyone really believe only one picture was taken (file also under Contempt for the Press), unprecedented expenditures on the bloated staff of the First Lady, support for an unneeded pork-filled almost $800B stimulus bill where we are “buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have” (to borrow a line from the Governor of LA).   

8.  Contempt for the People — witness the strenuous efforts to ram down the unread healthcare legislation despite clear opposition of a majority of Americans.

9.  Contempt for Free Market Capitalism — recall his repeated criticism of insurance companies for making a profit, his constant criticism of other profit-making industries such as investment banks and oil companies,  his moment of honesty in wanting to “spread the wealth around,” his obsession with saddling America with gargantuan debt and breaking her economy, his expressed view that the Government should control healthcare, his embrace of higher taxes through the health debt bill and failure to press Congress to keep the Bush cuts in place.

10.   Various verbal revelations such as “corpseman” and  “57 states.”

 There are other indications I am sure that I am missing or that are yet to be revealed.

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  1. June 4, 2010 10:22 am

    Nice site. Theres some good information on here. Ill be checking back regularly.

  2. June 5, 2010 5:55 pm

    1. Ronald Reagan did the same thing in an attempt to keep a politician from running against his own daughter in 1981.
    2. It is a fact that the Executive cannot control Congress. Where in that statement can you find contempt?
    3. Was it contempt for federalism that forced Social Security and Medicare on us? Would you be willing to dissolve those programs? Also, why do you say he has not acted properly regarding the gulf oil spill? Obama has pointed out that the disaster was caused by loosely regulated private companies. The federal govt. is not equipped to repair the leaking pipe. The oil industry has the expertise in this area and it is BP’s obligation to cure its mess.
    4. He has criticized the Supreme Court no more than Bush and Reagan. Remember all that “activist court” talk from them?
    5. Both Bush’s and Reagan appointed more “czars” than Obama has.
    6. He is very open to the press. He has every reason to oppose Fox News because that network does not honestly report news. What type of respectable news outlet would let one of its hosts call the president “a racist” that “has a deep seeded hatred of white people”? ‘Nuff said
    7. Does a flight suit and the banner “Mission Accomplished” ring a bell?
    8. Your facts are incorrect. Most Americans favor health care reform. He did not ram it down anyone’s throat. The law passed in both Houses of Congress and was then signed into law by the President. That is the exact same way all laws are passed in this great nation of ours.
    9. Do you mean that he should not criticize those insurance companies and investment banks that nearly drove the world’s economy to its knees and then came looking for bailout funds from the taxpayers? Are those the insurance companies and investment banks that you think he should defend?
    10. Don’t get me started on the “verbal revelations” of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.


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