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Fruit-of-the-Boom, Times Square Loser – Third Time’s The Curse?

May 6, 2010

So we got lucky . . . twice.  First, the Christmas underwear bomber couldn’t quite get his Fruit-of-the-boom undies to go up in an Allah-be-praised, smell-of-burning-flesh, conflagratory cry.  Second, the smiling man Shazhad who probably seemed like the nicest guy to the lady who sold him the Nissan Pathfinder apparently didn’t  pay too much attention to his bomb-making lessons and left a trail of clues starting with the smoking vehicle.  He should be praising Allah he did not make it back to his Taliban masters because they would have cut off his hands and his toes for such a half-assed terror job. 

Can we really afford to see whether the old saying that the third times’s the charm is true?  Can we really afford to have any one of these evil-doers finally do it right? 

It certainly would help if we had a leader who called a duck a duck, a bomb a bomb and evil, evil.  It certainly would help if we had a leader who said what we need said:   “We are at war with an evil group which likes to burn and maim and destroy in the name of God, and we are going to stop them, surround them and [fill in what you like I personally like Former Gen. Colin Powell’s line here].” 

We need Sarah Palin to be President.

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  1. May 31, 2010 1:42 pm

    At least Obama catches the terrorists and brings them to justice. The same cannot be said for George Bush and the Republicans that allowed two different cities and almost a third to be attacked in the worst terrorist action in our nation’s history without ever catching the culprit. remember when Bush said, “We’ll get Bin Laden either dead or alive”? Whatever happened to that unfulfilled promise? He only had seven years to do it.

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