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Shine On Dear Governor

April 2, 2010

You spoke to me, and I believed you. You’ve proved yourself, shown your courage in the face of jeering, insults, demeaning remarks I am sure. Courage and pride you have. So you turn heads, everyone agrees, but you also turn hearts dear Governor. Tell us again why life is precious, why your son is a blessing from above. Tell us again why we Americans are the free and the proud.  Tell us so we can remember why the courageous lady standing on Ellis Island is so proud.

Shine on dear Governor, shine on, we believe you.

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  1. John A permalink
    April 10, 2010 5:05 am

    Look I am the son of a vet
    and a former VA Chaplain
    look guys
    Sarah is awesome
    but she has no GRAVITAS
    that is why we lost the last election
    she was not meant to be the Vice President and
    not President. She would make an excellent member of Congress for life and family issues.
    Or who knows maybe Madam Speaker?
    we need a man like Huckabee and Romney.
    John a
    DeBary Florida USA

  2. May 31, 2010 1:51 pm

    Oh, pa—lease! You must be delusional. She is uneducated (5 sub-par colleges in 6 years), ill-informed (“Drill Baby, Drill” how has that worked out in the Gulf?) and simply bad luck to anything she touches (Tim Burns endorsement, Doug Hoffman endorsement, Vaughn Ward endorsement and now Rand Paul and Nikki Haley are imploding). Sarah Palin is without doubt the most inept politician we have seen in years. Under press scrutiny would she also quit the White house after only half a term? America cannot take that chance.

    • June 4, 2010 1:43 pm

      From Texas4SarahPalin, the following list of Palin endorsements:

      Cecile Bledsoe for for U.S. Congress in Arkansas 06/03/10
      Terry Branstad for governor of Iowa, 06/03/10
      Joe Miller for U.S. Senate in Alaska, 06/02/10
      Clint Didier for U.S. Senate in Washington State, 05/20/10
      Susana Martinez for governor of New Mexico, 05/15/10 – (Won primary election)
      Nikki Haley for governor of South Carolina, 05/14/10 – (Leads GOP race)
      Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate in California, 05/06/10 – (Leads GOP race)
      Tom Emmer for governor of Minnesota, 04/29/10 – (Leads GOP race)
      Tim Burns for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania, 04/26/10 – (Won GOP nomination)
      Vaughn Ward for U.S. Congress in Idaho, 03/29/10 – (Lost primary election)
      Adam Kinzinger for U.S. Congress in Illinois, 03/29/10
      Allen West for U.S. Congress in Florida, 03/29/10
      Sean Duffy for U.S. Congress in Wisconsin, 02/17/10
      Rand Paul for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, 02/01/10 – (Won primary election)
      Rick Perry for governor of Texas, 01/20/10 – (Won primary election)
      Michele Bachmann for U.S. Congress in Minnesota, 01/20/10
      John McCain for U.S. Senate in Arizona, 01/20/10 – (Leads GOP race)
      Chris Christie for governor of New Jersey, 10/27/09 – (Won special election)
      Bob McDonnell for governor of Virginia, 10/27/09 – (Won special election
      Doug Hoffman for U.S. Congress in New York, 10/22/09 – (Lost special election)
      Saxby Chambliss for U.S. Senate in Georgia, 11/25/08 – (Won runoff election)

      Looks like a pretty good record so far to me.

      As for the rest of your comment, one thing you and most liberals don’t understand is that Sarah Palin is not doing what she does because of a thirst for power and so she does not act or think like you. I for one am happy she did not come from one of our “top” schools (neither did Abe Lincoln) and the best case in point is our President who graduated from one of those “hallowed” places only to have confirmed his relativist, socialist, arrogant, dishonest ambitions. What is great about America is that the greatest of her leaders can come from anywhere and often do with or without a college education. America rejected elitism when it broke with England and ratified a Constitution which banned all titles of nobility.

      • June 5, 2010 5:33 pm

        It is very easy to endorse the out front leader in a race and then claim your endorsement was insightful and that is what Palin does most of the time. It is like taking credit for betting on the overwhelming favorite in a horse race. Yet her endorsements of Rand Paul (racist), Niki Haley (adultress) and Vaughn Ward (geographically challenged) demonstrate that she does not truly research the candidates.

        To say that you are happy that she did not come from a top school is to say that you are happy that her education is inferior. An inferior education is never a good starting point as Palin has shown. Her inability to string together two coherent sentences is a glaring example of her inferiority. Her quitting on the people of Alaska after only serving half a term is a glaring example of her lack of leadership and commitment.

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