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The Health Debt Bill and Ditching the Congressional Seal

March 24, 2010

Every wonder who exactly pays for ads like these?:

There the Senate Democrats are in all their self-pleasuring glory proclaiming from a pulpit decorated with the following, what else can you call it, political ad:  “Protecting Our Seniors.”  Who pays for this?  And since when does Congress feel the need to have political placards and slogans in the legislative halls?    Let’s save a few million dollars a year and prohibit all ridiculous political posters like this from the corridors and committee rooms of Congress.  A simple congressional seal on the podium suffices for all official business. 

And is the ad true?  Last I looked the health debt bill raided Medicare to the tune of about $500 billion.

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  1. May 31, 2010 1:54 pm

    Would that go for “Mission Accomplished!” also?

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