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An Appeal To Conservative Bloggers — Don’t Be Tempted By Hate

August 4, 2009

I know you might have been expecting my appeal to be to liberal bloggers, but please bear with me.  And I certainly don’t claim to be better than any of you strong conservatives.  Think of my post more as a reminder of how we must resist the very thing that has seeped into the minds of the left.  In my dialogues with conservatives there is on rare occasion a very strong angry sentiment expressed against this or that person in sometimes insulting words.  The only way we will have a lasting effect in the end is if we embrace the truth.  We should not under any circumstances descend to the level of our blogging opponents who ceaselessly insinuate, who continually conjure rumors, who have let hate take hold of their hearts.   While insults may give expression to frustration and get some people to take notice, in my view, insults generally are not appropriate especially when are directed at specific people.

We cannot be this way.  We do not want to be this way.  Please see the good post at on the same topic.  In all things, consider the log in your own eye before you point out the mote in your brother’s.  If only the liberal bloggers would take the same principle to heart.  I have asked the blogger at, exactly why she “hopes” for divorce rumors to be true.  I wonder what answer I will get.

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  1. August 4, 2009 3:33 pm

    Here is your answer.

    Allow me to answer your question about the purpose of my own blog by directing your attention to the sub-title of this blog. You can find it right up there at the top of the page beneath the words “Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off.” It says, ” A space for political comment and satire with a liberal slant.” Get it? Political satire with a liberal slant. You might want to look up the word, “satire.” You might also want to check out the About/Contact page which says the same thing in a little more depth.

    I have never met Sarah Palin personally and I venture to guess that if I had done so in our younger years (we are about the same age) we may have been close to friendly. We both seem to be outgoing and sports minded. Nevertheless (like a few other of my friends), once she enters the political world where her policy decisions can affect the country and me, I will do what I can to make sure she does not succeed if her policies are contrary and damaging to what I believe.

    Although she does not presently hold elective office, she has not stated that she will not seek office again. Hence, I must assume that she still nurtures the possibility. Additionally, she has stated that she intends to travel the country in support of like minded politicians. Those like minded politicians are also an anathema to me. Consequently, I have chosen to do what I can to stifle her effectiveness. Think of Rush Limbaugh saying, “I hope the President fails.” Get it?

    One way in which I can help prevent her from having any political capital or influence is to point out her shortcomings. This is a tactic used quite frequently by people like Sarah Palin when they say things like “pallin’ around with terrorists” or belittling community organizing (thank goodness the voters saw through those two feeble attempts). A person’s personal actions and shortcomings often provide a good indication of how they might perform in public office. In Palin’s case, I (and many, many, many others) see a person that did not truly value education In fact she valued education even less than she valued her governorship of Alaska. She quit the Governorship only once. She quit college four times. You see, her tendency to quit in private life (school) carried through to her public life (the governorship). Would she simply quit at the national level when the going got tough? History says, “Yes.”

    As for her family situation, I simply direct your attention to any episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. Would you want any one of that cast of characters influencing public policy?

  2. scott97007 permalink
    August 4, 2009 11:40 pm

    I’m kind of embarrassed sometimes when conservatives get nasty like that. It’s just playing into the hands of the left.

    Glad to see you got your bloggers4palin code set up and working.

    — Scott (

    • August 5, 2009 3:46 am

      Yes, I’ve seen it thrown at us many times. Though of course a mature person would not justify nasty behavior by saying other people do it too. Thanks again for your help!

  3. August 5, 2009 4:09 am


    Despite our differences of opinion on political issues, I would like you to know that I do respect your opinion and I admire you for having the courage to express it on my blog’s comment section with full knowledge that you are likely to catch some flak. I read your blog and respect you for taking the time to try to educate some of us on the other side. This type of political conversation is constructive. I always say, reasonable people may differ. Just wondering, do you ever find yourself humming any of my songs when you least expect it?

    • August 5, 2009 9:02 pm

      Lynnrockets, thank you and thank you for permitting my comments. I agree with you that I think this is a good way (an American way!) to begin to understand opposing viewpoints.

      I am sorry, but I guess I really don’t get to the point of looking at your lyrics because I have been so energized by your main comment!

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