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Tweeting And Yogi Berra

July 31, 2009

I’ve read so much of the attacks by Sarah haters.  They range from the misogynistic to the illogical to the, well, so incredibly minute that you think the critic is an e-stalker of the Governor given the slavish attention they pay her.  (Not to be compared with who appears to be just plain infatuated with the Governor — see  wherein the blogger lovingly records every detail of the Governor’s picnic with the help of a high-powered camera lens.  It’s a bit creepy when you think about.  This blogger who has such animus towards the Governor watching, photographing, watching . . .)

Perhaps one of the more silly tactics is to attack the syntax and style of Mrs. Palin’s twittering. and the comment by legalcookie here  Give me a break.  Is twittering even writing or is just stream of consciousness to let your followers know exactly what you are thinking at that very moment?  How would your thoughts come out if you put them down just as you think them?  Is there really a style convention about twittering?  For goodness sake, an entry on twitter is a called a tweet!  Not exactly the type of sentences we diagrammed in 6th grade English.  So the measure of whether a person is an effective twitterer  is not the measure of a properly formed sentence, but whether the person is communicating his or her thoughts to the follower.   Here is a July 14 tweet from the former Governor’s page:

“Criticism is something easily avoided by saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing.”Aristotle Don’t fear it;it means u make a difference

Can’t get much clearer than that.  

Governor, keep on fighting the left! 

And how about her tweets about nature like “no rain, no rainbow?”  Reminds me of Yogi Berrisms like “it ain’t over till it’s over” or “it’s like deja vu all over again.”  Yogi Berra would have been a grand twitterer and people the country over quote him like American gospel.

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