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Observations on the Allure of Blogging

July 30, 2009

We have written before about the lack of charity in those who devote their free hours to vicious attacks on Sarah Palin.  We have pointed out that because they have no charity, they are not open to the truth.  You see, lack of charity is the same as being full of pride.  And pride here manifests itself as thinking you know about someone when you really don’t.  So a case in point are bloggers’ speculations that the former Governor had some really big scandal that was on the horizon and that is why she resigned — which of course makes absolutely no sense.  But you see they speculate and insinuate without any basis.  That is because of their pride.  And there is no check at all in the blogosphere; none at all.

And then there is the problem of hate.  The word is thrown around along with “loathing” all over the blogosphere in comments on the former Governor.  It is astounding to think that people can truly experience this emotion without any real connection to the Governor.  It is almost as if they are hating a certain idea and not caring at all that they are projecting that hate onto a human being.  Here is an enlightening remark in

There’s the attorney and mother of three who wrote to Salon, “I am constantly distracted from my work by my need to continually update myself on the latest … ridicule of her. In my hatred for her, I have begun to hate myself.

We submit that this attorney and mother isn’t really hating the human being Sarah Palin, but some idealogical version of the former Governor.  The attorney’s recognition of self-hate is likely because she realized she has no basis to hate the human being Sarah Palin and did not like what this powerful emotion was doing to her soul. 

Let’s give this attorney and mother credit for a moment of self-awareness.  Let’s seek to shake off the allure of power that comes from a hate-filled blog rant.  Try to picture yourself right in front of the person you are criticizing.  Think of what effect your words might have on that person if you spoke them to her.  Better yet, put yourself in the position of the person you are attacking and see how you would feel.  Perhaps you will then see that it is better for us all, better for the national dialogue, if truth and civility are the bywords of blogging.

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