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I Will Read The Bill Pledge

July 29, 2009

One definitely helpful reform that Citizen Palin could help implement is that of rolling back the arrogance in Congress.  Do you remember the term limits pledge that a couple dozen legislators took in 1990s?  Not all of them kept that pledge, but some noble souls did.  They hew closely to what Thomas Jefferson envisioned as a citizen government wherein the ranks of the elected would continually be replenished by new citizens.  Senators Dodd and Conrad (28 and 17 years respectively in office) clearly don’t agree with Jefferson on that point. 

Here’s what we (led by Ms. Palin and others) should do:  demand an “I Will Read Every Word of A Bill Pledge” from everyone incumbent and challenger running for Congress.

Can you imagine if you went to a doctor for a physical and he told you when he was done he didn’t really check all the points off in his examination because “I checked the major points” or “You look pretty healthy so there was no need” or Conyers-esque “Well, it would really take too long, and I would need two doctors to help me understand what I am doing even though I am the chief doctor around here.”   Check out this pitiful revelation from the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee:

Every citizen, Republican, Democrat, Independent, regardless of political leanings should be outraged that Congress feels it is above understanding what laws it is passing.  Every such member of Congress should be thrown out on their ear for dereliction of duty.  What arrogance!

Or maybe Congress should implement a procedural rule which requires downtime for consideration of each bill, the longer the bill, the longer the alloted time to read it.  This is so completely outrageous it is hard to form the words necessary to dissect exactly all the ways such an attitude is wrong.

Help me out and give me some comments please.



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