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Governor No More – Citizen Palin Takes the Stage

July 27, 2009

In a well-delivered, patriotic, and feisty speech, former Governor Palin stepped down as Governor yesterday.  She extolled the beauties of her state, the strength of her fellow Alaskans, and the conservative principles of the founding of her state which echoed Lincolnian sentiments of government of, by and for the people.  Here is the full video:  There is no question Mrs. Palin does not abide by politics as usual.  She cares not a whit about left, bleeding heart liberal critics.   In a Cartesian twist she derided Hollywood’s whimperings over hunting in Alaska:  

We eat therefore we hunt. 

She subtly poked at overweening political correctness:

Chris is my right hand man.  She is the sharpest, boldest, hardest-working partner. 

She broadsided the vision that central Federal Government is the savior:

We can resist enslavement to big, central, government that crushes hope and opportunity. . . . Melting into Washington’s powerful caretaking arms will just suck incentive to work hard and chart our own course right out of us.

And her frequent references to God’s blessing on America and Alaska certainly didn’t do anything to smooth over relations with the gnostic and atheistic left.  And look — she was able to do in 2.5 years what most men can’t do in 4 years or even 8.  Ever hear that God got it right when He tried a second time? 

This was a fantastic speech.  It touched on all the right points for the conservative base of America.  Perhaps Mrs. Palin is the right antidote to the blandishments of Washington, to the sickly sweet invitations to give everything to everyone for the most dearest of cost — our freedom.

Shine on Mrs. Palin, shine strong Citizen Palin.

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