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Andrew Sullivan — Pwned!

July 17, 2009

You’v read what I’ve had to say about the so-called lies of the Governor.  Check out this blogger’s take on what Sullivan called the “12 big lies” of the Governor:   When the blogger is done with Sullivan there ain’t nothing left of him but a three-leaf clover.

And here is another thought for your weekend.  Emotions like hate are not roused if the person who is the object of the emotion is silly, pathetic or stupid.  Such persons give rise to emotions like mirth, sadness, pity etc.  If you have a few minutes to look at the semi-long dialogue I had with the author of this blog:, you will see the author expresses hope that Mrs. Palin continues in the limelight for the sheer “joke factor.”   So all these insults of the Governor really do not explain the hate.  In fact, the hate comes first, then groundless charges of silly, stupid etc. come as a result of the hate.   It was recently best said by Governor Huckabee:  “If you are not taking flak, you are not near the target.”  So the hate proceeds from the Governor’s effectiveness, her charisma, and her solid, conservative, heart.   I focus on her heart because the fact that her mind is solid is a given, but what she gives in her speeches and her actions is her true heart.  That is something that is rarely found, but always appreciated, in a politician.

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  1. July 17, 2009 3:43 pm

    Now that her political career is over, perhaps Fox News will give Sarah Palin her own show. They can call it “The Joke Factor.”

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