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Dowd, Quinn, Noonan — When Irish Eyes are Crying

July 15, 2009

Dowd, Quinn, Noonan — I wonder if they all sat down in an Irish pub together and bewailed the ascendancy of this hunter, fisher, runner, wife, pro-life mother of 5, the Governor of Alaska? I can almost hear them singing “O Sarah girl, the kids, the kids are call-all-ling. . .” (I wonder if they ever put aside their careers to take care of their kids?)  Or maybe “Our Irish eyes are crying, Sarah Palin’s not going away.”   Or my favorite:  “She flew through the air, with her long dark hair, so why can’t we like her,  O Governor with flair?”  

There has been quite a bit of dialogue in the blogs about the attacks from this trio.  Here are just  a few:,,,,  Some decry the cattiness of the attacks; others trumpet the clever syntax and cute name-calling.  Putting aside all their nicknames and raw insults, here is the revealing common theme of this Irish trio:  condemnation without justification.  From Noonan:  “She went on the trail a sensation but demonstrated in the ensuing months that she was not ready to go national and in fact never would be.”  From Quinn:  “Well, clearly, she has not put her family first…And these children have, it seems publicly, to have been exploited by her in a, I think, really unfortunate way.”  From Dowd — the whole July 5 piece is a condemnation of the Governor’s decision to resign. 

Here’s some news for you three.  Write all you want, attack all you want, imagine all you want for that is all you will have left — Sarah Palin is taking her message on the road.  And it is going to be good for America.

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