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Where’s the Big Scandal? 10 Days and Counting

July 13, 2009

The Governor announced her resignation 10 days ago.  When they heard of her announcement, the Hate Bloggers foamed at the mouth about a possible looming scandal which would take down the Governor once and for all.  Where is the big scandal?  We’re still waiting.  If there was something substantial the mob of journalists and investigators  who descended upon Alaska last September would have already discovered it.  Time is ticking. . . 

The Knights think the Palinhaters really were angry that the Governor won’t be a sitting duck (or dead fish in SP’s words) for their mad, obsessive snipes.  They will just have to find some other conservative woman politician to stalk.  It is probably better for them — the latest ethics complaints seem as outlandish as the others and purely designed to waste the state’s and the Palins’ money.  See for a discussion of the latest complaints and the Governor’s response. 

The Knights are looking forward to the Governor’s new role as Citizen Palin.  She has made it clear she is planning to take her message of energy independence, limited government, fiscal responsibility and respect for life and morals to the country at large.  Her voice will be a clear trumpet call against the debt-addicted haze of this Administration.

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