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Sarahaters, the Nonsensical and the Petty

July 8, 2009

Of course it was to be expected — the hoots, the guffaws, the bloggy cries.  Everything from grand prognistications about the Big One (scandal that is) to petty attempts to ridicule the Governor’s reference to the department of law.  The vast majority of these bloggers, never met the Governor, never met any of her staff, never went to one of her speeches, never met any Alaskan politician, homemaker, or fisher, and probably never have been to Alaska.  So much for their trenchant analyses. 

The Knights laugh at you.

The first is found at with a mysterious reference to “something bigger coming.”  Perhaps finally this oh so righteous blogger will have to eat crow when the Big One doesn’t happen.  And does it even make sense according to these blogger types for the Governor to step down to avoid such a scandal?  According to these bloggers the Governor committed crimes — how is resigning gonna stop an investigation?  It won’t.  And if the Governor is as corrupt as these haters make her out to be, why isn’t she staying in office to try and destroy documents, stonewall investigations, etc.?  Moreover, it’s only after a politician is caught, such as lech “Mann Act” Spitzer, that the office becomes a bargaining chip in any plea deals.  The bloggers ungrounded charges fall of their own animus-filled weight.

And there is  Jonathan Turley.  His remark yesterday was classic silk toilet paper elitism.  I daresay he would have had a few unkind remarks for Abe Lincoln had he heard some of Honest Abe’s folksy statements.  You can find his  condescending blog here:  His little liberal belch of a story doesn’t even get the quote right.  Here is what appears to be the Governor’s full quote, though I did not hear it:  

I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at this, the things we have been charged with, and automatically throw them out, not make somebody hire their own personal attorney to get out there and fight.

So what that she did not use the official Washington title for the White House legal advisor?  So what?  She is an Alaskan and the reference clearly is from that perspective.  If this is the type of comment you waste your time on, you should sit down and think through your priorities in life Mr. Turley.  Or better yet, keep it up.  Keep up with your spite and jester-like attacks on the Governor.  Ordinary folks are already getting the picture that hate and not substance is what animates you and your type.  So just keep it up and you will find your voice fading like fake gilding on a cheap piece of furniture.

Finally, for an objective take on the Governor’s decision to resign, read the opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal by John Fund.

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