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More on the Governor’s Decision

July 7, 2009

Fox News and the Wall Street Journal have more information about the Governor’s decision to resign.  Fox News (and a few other news agencies) interviewed her whilst accompanying her and her husband on a fishing run a day or two ago.  The article can be found here:   The entire interview is also available for viewing.  Follow the link in the report to the video.  The Wall Street Journal interviewed a real estate businesswoman, Kristan Cole, who is a life long friend of the Governor’s.  The overall gist of the two interviews is consistent with her stated reasons for resigning, which include mounting personal legal fees, mounting costs for the State of Alaska, and the perception that she and her husband were becoming less capable of protecting their children. 

Whatever the Governor will do after July, one thing is clear — she will take the fight to the Administration over issues of limited government and energy independence.  Perhaps it is providential, but she has a ready-made audience and network in the Tea Party groups who continue to stage their “rebellions” all over the country. 

Furthermore, I don’t think people like Karl Rove really get it.  He looks at her through the lens of possible presidential candidate.  You can’t blame him given his background.  Thus, he scratches his head and vaguely criticizes the Governor for her decision as an unwise move toward 2012.  It’s hard to say if he is right or wrong.  Politics is an art not a science.  But it is pretty clear that you cannot understand the Governor looking at her from a Washington-centric perspective — and that’s a breath of fresh air.

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